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DIY vs. Professional Water Damage Restoration: Which Is Best?

You’ve got a little wet patch on your drywall, or your toilet is leaking. Is it time to call in a professional water damage restoration company, or are you up for some DIY restoration? Today, we’ll discuss the drawbacks and benefits of handling your restoration project on your home or seeking out professional restoration services like TN Flood Kings.

DIY Water Damage Restoration

Restoring your home yourself can provide you with an incredible sense of accomplishment, and it may also save you some money. However, there are some downsides to tackling major repairs on your own, too.

Pros of DIY Repairs

Cost-effective: Assuming you have the skills or are willing to learn them, you can save money by handling small jobs on your own.

Flexible: Working at your own pace means that you can tackle things a bit at a time, such as on your day off, without worrying about the work schedules of the restorers.

More control: Some homeowners prefer to have complete control over what materials to use, what to focus on, and so on.

Cons of DIY Repairs

Time-consuming: The restoration process may be slow, especially if you’re not familiar with the tasks.

Health and safety risks: Certain things, like mold remediation, can pose health hazards if not done correctly, or you could hurt yourself.

Potential for mistakes: If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you might create other hazards, which will take more time and resources to tackle.

Physically demanding: Water damage restoration is hard work. If you’re not in good physical condition or have health problems, you may want to hire TN Flood Kings for help.

What Jobs Can You Handle Yourself?

These are some common water damage restoration jobs that the average homeowner can typically tackle on their own:

Professional Water Damage Restoration

TN Flood Kings offers full service solutions to get the affected area back to its pre loss condition. Our complete restoration services tackle every aspect of water damage, from the drying process to renovation. Give us a call today to see why so many homeowners in Middle Tennessee have relied on us for over 15 years!

Pros of Hiring Professionals

Knowledge and expertise: Water damage restoration companies like TN Flood Kings are trained and IICRC certified, meaning we know exactly how to perform the job safely.

Proper equipment: We use high-quality tools that may be too expensive for most homeowners to purchase or rent, like high-end moisture meters.

Time efficient: With their experience and equipment, restoration companies can get you back into your home faster. It’s no fun to sit around in a bare home for weeks at a time while you work on getting it back to normal.

Licensed and insured: Professional water damage companies have the proper licenses to perform the work safely. If they’re injured on the job, they have insurance coverage to protect homeowners from litigation.

Bill to insurance: Professional restoration companies will help you with the claims process so you don’t have to struggle with your homeowners insurance. We have strong relationships with local insurance companies and will bill them directly.

Warranties: You can be assured the job will be done properly, the Flood Kings a guarantee on our work.

Cons of Hiring Professional Water Damage Cleanup Companies

Additional costs: You are likely going to pay more than you would when doing the job yourself. It will also be more expensive if you can’t make an insurance claim, such as when the damage is due to flooding.

Lack of control: While we at TN Flood Kings will ensure you feel heard and included, you will have less input over the process than you would when doing it yourself.

Scheduling: We’ll do everything possible to accommodate your schedule, but sometimes it’s not possible. You may have to work around when we can be on-site, which can be difficult if you have work or family commitments.

What Jobs Are Best Left to Experts?

There are some things you should never try to tackle on your own, as you need the proper experience and tools. Here are some tasks you should always leave to TN Flood Kings.

Major mold remediation: You need specialized equipment to tackle large-scale mold growth.

Electrical repairs: Electrical shock is a sadly common cause of death in the United States. Even a tiny amount of standing water can cause electrocution. If your electrical outlets or wires have been damaged, leave this to a professional restoration company.

Structural damage: Never try to fix water damaged floors or ceilings on your own, as you can cause further damage to the entire structure.

Foundation damage: Professional water damage companies should always assist with anything to do with your foundation, as issues here can imperil the whole home.

Professional Water Damage Restoration for the Greater Nashville Area, Available 24/7!

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