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We have got a lot of pipes running throughout our home. These pipes serve various purposes. They transport water to your home and carry waste from your basins and toilets. They have to deal with a lot daily.
These pipes are prone to deterioration and leaks over time. The water pipes running in your home may burst at any time and cause flooding. Corrosion and freezing pipes during extreme cold are a few reasons for pipes to get damaged. Nobody would want to experience this sort of situation. Broken pipes and frozen pipe bursts can give you a hell of a lot of stress. You’d have to look for a burst pipe repair company or someone who provides cleaning and restoration services. This may cost you thousands of dollars if the damage is huge. Things get worse when you don’t receive any guarantee or quality work even after hiring a company for burst pipe cleanup.
TN Flood Kings provides burst pipe cleaning services that are effective and economical at the same time. So, if there’s a burst pipe causing issues and you’re looking for a company to help you get all the mess cleaned up, then reach out to us today!
Burst pipes can cause massive damage to your house or workplace, and we know how traumatizing it can be for you. Therefore, we are always ready to help you in the best way possible.

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24-Hour Burst or Leaking Pipes Clean-up

Whether you experience a frozen pipe burst or a burst due to water leakage, TN Flood Kings will come to your rescue at any time of the day. Once you call us, our technicians will gather the required tools and equipment for cleanup and repair and arrive on time to provide to-the-point services.
We offer a 24-hour burst or leaking pipe cleanup service. Pipes can burst at any time without any notice. That’s why we are always ready to serve you in every possible manner at any time of the day.

Our Burst Pipe Water Recovery Services

Here is our burst pipe water recovery service list that you should check out to get a clear idea of our process.

The burst of the pipe means water everywhere! If not addressed, water intrusion can lead to a plethora of problems that may put you in danger. Standing water can shake the structure of your house, and above all, it poses severe health risks.

We take all water intrusions seriously and provide water damage services to give you peace of mind. We restore your house to its original state and leave behind well-functioning pipes that will last longer. Remember, the more you delay water damage restoration, the worse the situation will become.

The first thing that we do when a pipe burst is water extraction. We remove all the water from the house because we know what problems standing water can create. We use high-pressure pumps for water extraction.

Once the water is removed, we dry and dehumidify the entire place by absorbing the excess moisture present in the house. Using a dehumidifier is always recommended over using a household heater because a heater creates warm conditions that can trigger mold growth.

Water extraction, although important, isn’t sufficient. Despite removing water from the house, there is a high possibility that the damp walls and furniture might lead to mold growth and stains. Therefore, we use large fans to ensure that everything is dried properly.

We don’t just move out after the cleanup. We record and document everything. We use moisture detectors to detect the moisture levels in the house. We closely monitor how well the walls, floors, furniture, and other parts of the house have dried.

A pipe burst can trigger mold growth everywhere within a few hours of water intrusion. Besides the damage it does to your house, serious health issues can occur when you and your pets are exposed to the disease-causing microorganisms. In the most severe cases, mold can infest and grow on your home’s drywall, bedding, furniture, sofa, and clothing. It’s not a good idea to stay and sleep in a home surrounded by harmful pathogens.

At TN Flood Kings, we provide mold removal and remediation services that can keep you and your family completely safe and protected.

No matter how beautiful your carpets or rugs are, they will get wet and dirty due to water damage. The “do-it-yourself” approach may save you money, but it is not an effective way to get a carpet cleaned. Instead, it is wiser to trust someone that provides residential carpet cleaning services and restores your carpet to like-new condition.

TN Flood Kings provides professional carpet cleaning services at a reasonable price. We do more than just clean your carpets; we keep diseases or allergies at bay, keeping your family healthy and safe.

The upholstery and furniture create an upbeat atmosphere and provide for a luxurious setting. But when there is a water issue, the upholstery gets completely damaged. Cleaning it at home can be very challenging. What if, during the water intrusion, some insects get into your cushions, sofas, or pillows? Wouldn’t that be dangerous? Hence, upholstery cleaning becomes crucial.

Remember, household detergents and vacuum cleaning aren’t enough. You need something stronger to clean the upholstery. Thus, having professional cleaning can help you in a great way. Professionals like us clean upholstery so that after the burst pipe incident, you don’t have anything to bother you anymore.

Our Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup Process

At TN Flood Kings, we follow a simple and effective burst pipe water damage cleanup process that entails the following key components:

Once our technicians reach your place, they will assess the level of damage done to the property due to the bursting of the pipe. Our technicians have got the eyes to spot every small issue and detail.

They come to your place, take a walkthrough of the damaged site, and try to identify the major reasons for the bursting of the pipe. They check the water supply lines carefully to see if there is any leakage and then turn off the main water supply valve to stop further flooding of the house.

Our professionals bring specialized drying equipment for the drying process. We focus specifically on areas like plaster walls, ceilings, hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, rugs, and drywall. Drying is a crucial part of the damage cleanup process as it minimizes bacteria and mold growth in affected items.

Our technicians evaluate the cost of damage after inspection. It gives you a brief idea of how much the cleanup and restoration service will cost. It will help you make a budget.

Water damage from burst pipes is usually covered under a standard homeowner policy. Evaluating the cost of damage also helps you file an insurance claim. With us by your side, you can claim insurance immediately by contacting an insurance agent or insurance company.

We never leave your place without restoring it to its original condition. Our technicians provide complete property restoration services that will make your property spick and span.

What To Expect From Our Quick Response Water Technicians

Our service comes with a lot of benefits. You’ll be satisfied and stable when our technicians fix all the issues.


A top-notch water restoration company begins its work with a thorough inspection. After all, it is imperative to understand the scope of the water damage that the technicians will deal with. It is also important to identify the type of water damage so that a good water cleanup strategy and broken pipe restoration can be put into place immediately.

Removing water

After the assessment is done, we extract the water from the property. Standing water can cause a lot of problems. For instance, mosquitoes may start breeding, and mold growth eats up all your ceilings and walls. To stop all these chains of events, we use high-power pumps to pump out all the water.

Dehumidification, drying, and disinfection

Once we are done with the water removal, our technicians dehumidify, dry, and disinfect the entire affected site to stop further damage.


We constantly monitor your home or office to ensure that the affected areas have been properly cleaned and dried and that there is no bad odor lingering inside. If you feel we have missed out on something or if you need something extra to be done, then feel free to communicate it to our team.

If you choose, you’ll receive more than what you expected. We provide services at affordable and competitive rates.

Why Choose Us For Burst Pipe Water Damage Cleanup In Nashville, TN?

We have a list of reasons to tell you why you should choose us for burst pipe water damage cleanup in Nashville. Here are a few of them.

If an emergency hits, TN Flood Kings will come to your rescue, whether it’s day or night. Our rescue team will arrive at your location immediately. When you call us and report the whole situation, we make a note of everything, and then, based on that information, we send our technicians to your place to provide cleanup, repair, and restoration. We respond rapidly and work quickly.

No matter how big or small the burst pipe event is, we handle all the tasks effectively. Our team is trained and certified to provide you with outstanding service.

The first thing that we do is stop the flow of water from the broken pipe. We’ll stop the water ingression by shutting off the main water shut-off valve so that we can immediately start fixing the burst pipe. Prompt action is required when dealing with water damage in a house or office. We use specialized and industrial-certified equipment to detect moisture and water throughout the restoration process, so we can remove all of it effectively. Our water restoration and broken pipe repair go hand in hand.

We know there are many burst pipe restoration companies in town. We know you have got a lot of options to choose from, but let us tell you that TN Flood Kings is a pro when it comes to providing burst pipe restoration.

At TN Flood Kings, we have a strong and steady team of professionals who are well trained in their jobs. It is their years of experience that make them the most trusted and reliable cleaning and restoration professionals. They have got the knack for making clients happy. They value clients and their priority is to fulfill the client’s priorities only.

Our professionals are experienced and, hence, follow all the safety protocols and industry norms during the restoration and cleaning process. They follow a step-by-step process (not always so strictly as it depends on the situation) and know how to finish the whole task from soup to nuts.

Since we also have years of experience dealing with insurance companies, we can help you get the best possible claim settlement as well.

We generally recommend that you get the water damage restoration company on the scene before filing an insurance claim. It is because the restoration company can help you document all the damages and losses that the insurance company may try to hide from you.

Our experts pay attention to every nook and corner of the house and provide you with a lens through which you can see almost everything.

But we also advise you to talk to your insurance agent and ask them about the process of filing an insurance claim. Don’t make any delays; otherwise, your insurance claim may be rejected.

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