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How Long Does The Water Damage Restoration Process Take?

When faced with a flooding event and water damage on your property, one of your first questions will likely be, “how long does the water damage restoration process take?”

Depending on the extent of damage, minimal repairs take an average of one to three weeks to fully complete, while more extreme rebuilds can take months.

In this article, we will delve into the timeline of how long water damage restoration typically takes, providing a comprehensive understanding of each stage and the factors that may influence the overall duration.

Contacting Experts is Your Best Bet

Opting to reach out to a water damage restoration company stands as your safest and fastest course of action. The timelines for water damage repair may differ, contingent upon the extent of the harm. Nevertheless, by promptly getting in touch with a reputable restoration company such as Flood Kings, you can notably hasten the process. Swift action following water damage is crucial, so make that call to our professional restoration experts, and rest assured that your home will be diligently restored to its original beauty and functionality.

How Long Does The Water Restoration Process Take?

From start to finish, it takes an average of one to three weeks to extract water, dry, clean, and restore the affected areas on your property after water damage.

  • Inspecting the damaged site: The water damage repair process begins with a thorough water damage inspection of the affected site. This crucial step helps us understand the extent of the damage, prioritize areas for repair, and estimate the timeline and resources needed for the restoration process.
  • Securing the site: All electrical appliances, slip hazards, and unstable structures must be removed from the affected areas before restoration can begin. Homes constructed before the mid-1980s also undergo asbestos testing to prevent exposure.
  • Removing standing water: With industrial vacuums and sump pumps, professionals remove the water as quickly as possible to minimize damage. After initial extraction, portable wet/dry vacuums are employed to eliminate residual surface water, while moisture meters and infrared thermal cameras detect hidden saturation behind walls and under floorboards.
  • Starting the drying process: Once the water is extracted from the affected areas, we start the drying process using heavy-duty fans, air movers, and industry-grade dehumidifiers. Drying can take as long as 72 hours to complete.
  • Cleaning & Sanitation: During the sanitation process, advanced equipment like a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum, an air scrubber, and other negative air machines are utilized, similar to the extraction and dehumidification stages, to kill, prevent, and clean up the mold.
  • Coordinating with insurance: Water damage restoration companies navigate the complexities of insurance claims by coordinating with your insurance company, completing the necessary documentation, and dealing with ongoing communications.
  • Restoration and reconstruction: All material affected by water intrusion, including drywall, trim boards, carpet padding, flooring, and insulation, must be thrown away and replaced.

Despite the complexity of the process, adhering to fundamental water restoration protocols is essential to ensure a thorough and effective restoration approach.

Properly following these procedures will help to restore your property to its pre-damage condition and minimize the impact of water-related disasters.

how long does water damage restoration take

What Factors Impact Water Damage Repair Timelines?

The following elements impact your repair process timeline after water damage:

  • Size of the affected area: The bigger the area, the more time repairs will take.
  • Type of water: Water damage caused by clear water, like from a burst pipe full of incoming water, is much more straightforward to repair than damage caused by grey or black water from leaking appliances or a sewage line.
  • Amount of repairs needed: While it doesn’t take long to repair minor damage, if you require extensive repairs like wall and flooring rebuilds, it might add months to your damage repair timeline.
  • Decision-making & approvals: Stalling on repair process decisions like flooring materials (e.g. wood floors or stone floors), and other building materials can significantly extend your repair process timeline.
  • Timely payments: Ensure your restoration company is paid on time so the project can keep moving forward.

Does Water Damage Happen Immediately?

It only takes about an hour of an incursion of water in the home to cause long-lasting, significant damage throughout.

So while the answer to “Does water damage happen immediately” is no, it does happen quickly.

Water mitigation, however, will be your best weapon in keeping your home’s beauty, safety, and structure intact post-water damage.

Mold is one of the largest immediate concerns for homeowners after water intrusion. Mold can begin developing rapidly within as little as 24 hours, after all. Acting ASAP when seeking water damage experts becomes your best weapon against combating an affected area.

How Does Standing Water Damage a Home?

Standing water is one of the largest threats posed by water incursion, responsible for over fifty percent of property loss.

Excess moisture and sewage backup can quickly lead to structural issues, mold growth, and other harmful after-effects.

So, the longer water may puddle in your home untouched, the more severe your property damage becomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

The average cost is between two and five thousand dollars. However, the services needed to restore a home’s interior quality will vary and depend on your location, labor, the amount of damage, equipment needed, and other building materials.

Does Water Damage Become More Severe Over Time?

Yes, if you’re not quick to call in a restoration team, the damage to your property will continue to increase. For this reason, contact a pro company ASAP to repair minor or significant damage.

How Long Does the Restoration and Drying Process Take?

The duration of the water restoration and drying process varies based on the extent of water damage, type of water, and building materials, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks.

It involves an assessment of the damage, water extraction, and the use of specialized equipment like fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture.

Continuous monitoring ensures effective drying and minimizes the risk of secondary issues like mold growth.

Our dedicated team strives to efficiently complete the restoration, restoring your property to its pre-damage condition for a safe and habitable environment.

Contacting Flood Kings is Your Safest, Fastest Option

Water damage repair timelines vary depending on the severity of the damage.

However, by promptly contacting experts like Flood Kings, you can significantly expedite the water restoration process yourself.

After water damage, act swiftly, contact a professional restoration expert, and rely on our restoration experts to restore your home to its original beauty and functionality.

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