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Water Extraction Techniques

Water damage may catch you off guard, but rest assured that we have your back. With years of experience and industry-leading water extraction equipment, TN Flood Kings is a dependable water damage restoration expert in Nashville and surrounding areas.

We can often restore your property to how it was before the water damage using state-of-the-art water mitigation methods. Contact us for an accurate estimate on your repair project. You will find our experience dependable, as well as our commitment to documenting everything for your insurance claim. Plus, your home or business will be returned to its pre-loss condition.

– So, What is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is an extensive, step-by-step process to remove water from your property after a burst pipe, flash flood, or other water intrusion event.

– The Importance of Water Extraction

Flooding can cause massive destruction to your property, leaving your carpets, furniture, and other valuable items in a complete mess. If left untreated, standing water can lead to mold growth and can even cause an electrical short circuit. Therefore, it is important to perform excess water removal as soon as possible.

When the flood hits your property, turn off the electricity and contact a professional immediately for water damage control.

Water mitigation is an important step in salvaging your damaged goods and preventing mold growth in affected areas.

Since flood water may contain hazardous contaminants, it is also critical to perform disinfection and dehumidification. While doing this, we put a contamination barrier in place to prevent contaminants from spreading into unaffected areas.

Modern water extraction methods can remove contaminants efficiently to make your property safe and inhabitable. Water removal is also applicable in situations wherein rainwater may have found a way into your house through a leakage in the roof.

– What is the Water Extraction Process?

Water extraction services involve using pumps, vacuums, moisture detectors, and various extraction tools, like Light Wands, Hard Surface Wands, Weighted Drag Tools, and Self Propelled Tools.

Once we stop water from further damaging the area by addressing the water source, here’s how the process goes:


We will run a quick visual inspection to assess the extent of water damage as well as the scope of work required.

We also use thermal imaging devices to detect hidden water damage inside the walls, ceilings, and other concrete surfaces. These devices offer real-time results and enable our technicians to launch a prompt restoration action.

Based on this initial assessment, which is a crucial step in the process, we will also give you a time and cost estimate so that you know what to expect.


We use powerful pumps and vacuums to extract water from your property. The wet surfaces are then subject to an open, closed, or hybrid drying system.

An open drying system utilizes natural air and sun to remove moisture from water-damaged surfaces. A closed system utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and various techniques to soak up the moisture from every nook and cranny while dehumidifying the entire space.

A hybrid system is a combination of both open and closed drying systems to achieve maximum drying efficiency that prevents permanent damage.

Methods For Water Extraction

water extraction methods

Removing Wet Items

The water removal process starts by taking as many wet items out of the affected area as possible. This includes possessions, unsalvageable surfaces, and carpets. Removing these items as soon as possible makes it easier to enact other water mitigation methods since there is less moisture in the room.

Plus, these items can be dried outside or in other locations to get your home and possessions back to normal after water damage occurs.


We use commercial-grade equipment to pump out the flood water. Using these submersible pumps, the water is sucked in from your property and released into sewage disposal pipes. The floors are then left to dry using dehumidifiers, and the contaminants are lifted off using vacuums.


Unlike a household vacuum cleaner, our HEPA vacuum systems are designed to remove the smallest contaminants, no matter how deep-seated or air-borne. These wet-dry vacuums are powerful enough to remove most excess water from surfaces to prevent further damage.

We also use hot water extraction equipment with a steam mechanism that loosens rigid stains, dirt, and debris, making removing contaminants from carpets, upholstery, and other soft and hard surfaces easy.

Large Fans/Dehumidifiers

Air flow is key to the drying process, especially when things like upholstered furniture and porous surfaces absorb as much water as they can. Moving air can speed up the evaporation of excessive water from these surfaces, pulling the water droplets into the air where dehumidifiers can more effectively remove them.

Fans and dehumidifiers come in handy once standing water has been removed and evaporation is needed to save the surfaces in your home from further damage.

– What Happens Once The Water is Extracted?

Once the water has been successfully extracted from your property, our water extraction experts will dehumidify, disinfect and deodorize the entire space and try their best to get your property back to its original condition as it was before the water damage.

Water extraction services may take up to 48 hours and another 48 hours to decontaminate and dehumidify the space, depending on the cause of the water damage and its chemical makeup. You can expect your property to be ready in four to five days from assessment to cleaning.

– What Should You Look For in Water Extraction Services?

Water removal is no joke. It takes commercial-grade equipment, necessary certifications, and years of experience in the business to get the job done right. Local presence is a significant benefit since water damage control should be initiated within 24 hours. That said, you need to be careful who you are letting in on the job.

TN Flood Kings is a trusted water extraction contractor in the Nashville area. We have IICRC-certified technicians with specialized training in emergency water extraction and damage control.

Plus, we operate around the clock and provide cost and time estimates beforehand so there are no surprises for you later.

Our superior equipment, including moisture meters, wet vacuums, and industrial fans will ensure the emergency water extraction is done as quickly as possible so life can get back to normal.

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