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How Long Does It Take To Fix a Burst Pipe in Tennessee?

How long does it take to fix a burst pipe? That depends on various factors, but in many cases, burst pipes take just a couple of hours to repair.

However, the water damage caused by a burst pipe can take much longer to repair completely – as much as 1-2 weeks. This guide will discuss what influences the length of pipe repair times, plus a few essential steps to take following a water leak in your Tennessee home.

Steps to Take After Your Pipes Burst

Here are a few key steps to take after a pipe bursts in your home:

Contact a Professional Restoration Company

One of the first calls to make after a pipe bursts in your Tennessee home should be to a professional restoration company. Broken pipes are often plumbing emergencies, meaning you’ll likely need an emergency plumber.

You may also need professional water restoration services to thoroughly clean up the flooded area. A professional water restoration company guides you through the process.

This includes helping you find and collect quotes for an emergency plumber. It also includes assisting you in collecting documentation to file an insurance claim.

Cleaning up after a busted conduit or hose can be overwhelming, but a property restoration company can make it much easier.

Stop the Water

You can minimize damage to your home by turning off the water source. You can turn off the water supply from the source or the whole home’s water supply until the plumber arrives.

After turning off the water, drain the faucets to remove any leftover water from the pipes. In addition to avoiding further water damage, this also helps relieve some of the pressure, which could lead to more busted pipes.

Once the plumber arrives, they’ll inspect the broken pipe. Then, they’ll drain the damaged line before removing it.

Finally, they’ll replace the pipe with a new one of a similar size and material.

This is also a good time to assess the damage.

In the meantime, decide what materials you’ll need to make temporary repairs or to extract standing water. Determine whether or not you have the DIY skills for repairs.

Make a Temporary Burst Pipe Repair

Depending on the cause of the burst pipe, you may be able to make temporary repairs while you await a licensed plumber. Your local plumber can help with the actual repair, but in the meantime, you can minimize damages with temporary repairs.

The type of temporary repairs you need may vary, depending on the cause. For example, if a pipe bursts after freezing, you may also want to warm up the other pipes.

Slowly warming your plumbing system can help avoid further damage. You can also use a sleeve or rubber, wood, and clamp as a temporary fix.

Clean Up the Water

Once the plumber repairs your broken pipes, it’s time to focus on water remediation. As a general rule, following a broken pipe, you should begin the cleanup and drying process as soon as possible.

This includes removing all affected building materials and personal belongings. Your property restoration company can help you salvage more of your personal items, but anything that you do keep will need to be properly cleaned and sanitized.

You may need a variety of equipment to efficiently clean up the water, including a sump pump, wet/dry vacuum, dehumidifier, and sanitizing cleaning products.

This is another reason to contact a professional company if you don’t have these items readily available.

You can expect mold to grow in as little as 24 hours following a plumbing emergency. In fact, if the response time is longer than this, you’ll want to begin cleaning up the water before.

If the water has been sitting for more than 24 hours, you may need the services of a professional mold remediation company.

How Long Does It Take For Burst Water Pipes To Be Fixed

fixing a water leak

Typically, it takes only 2-3 hours to fix a burst pipe. However, your repair timeline can be impacted by a few different factors:

Pipe Materials

What your home’s pipes are made of determines the ease of the repairs. Some pipe material corrodes easier than others, possibly leading to full replacement needs.


What caused the pipe to burst in the first place can also affect how long repairs take to complete.

The Extent of the Damage

The amount of damage the burst pipe caused will also affect how long it takes for repairs. Small fractures can be fixed with a clamp or pipe replacement easier than larger ruptures.


Smaller pipes are generally easier to replace than larger pipes. It isn’t so much the size that affects the repair time, but instead, the temporary solution options available while draining and repairing the pipes.

Pipe’s Location

The pipe’s location can also affect how long a pipe repair takes. Pipes underneath the bathroom cabinet or kitchen sink are easier to reach than a burst conduit behind a wall.

Some of the hardest locations to reach are in the back and front yard.

Of course, the expertise and schedule of the plumbing professional you choose to make repairs will also make a difference.

Choosing the right contractor is key to prompt repairs, and working with a professional water damage restoration company can help you choose the right contractors.

What Causes a Pipe To Burst?

Many things can cause your home’s pipes to burst. A few of the most common causes include:

  • High water pressure
  • Ice expanding in the pipes
  • Corroded pipes
  • Blunt force or damage
  • High soil pressure
  • Overgrown tree roots in the pipes

You can usually identify a broken pipe by the gushing water flow. You may also notice water stains on the walls or drywall. Some households may also notice a sudden drop in water pressure or odd smells.

Contacting a water restoration company at the first signs of changing water pressure can help you avoid a broken pipe.

Is a Burst Water Pipe an Emergency?

Most burst water pipes can be considered plumbing emergencies. A burst or broken pipe is one of the most common plumbing emergency types, and you should contact a plumber as soon as possible.

An immediate phone call to a restoration company can also help you deal with the emergency of a broken pipe.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Burst Pipe?

The average cost to fix a broken pipe depends on many factors, including cause, plumbing type, and the extent of the damage. On average, you can expect to pay around $500 for a basic plumbing repair.

However, if the repairs include burst pipes underground, it could go as high as $5,000.

This cost doesn’t include remediation or restoration efforts. The good news is that some insurance companies cover damage remediation costs.

This is another excellent reason to make one of your first phone calls to a restoration company. Not only can they assist with outsourcing contractors, but most will also help you deal with the insurance company.

Prompt action following a flood can also minimize damages, reducing the expenses you incur out of pocket for clean-up and remediation tasks.

How To Prevent Burst Pipes

You may be able to take a few steps to prevent burst pipes in the first place. Burst pipes due to freezing water are one of the most common causes in Tennessee, making it important to insulate them.

Turning your thermostat up a few degrees during colder nights can also be helpful. Keep your bathroom and cabinet doors open so the warm air can reach the pipes.

You can also allow your faucets to slowly drip to keep water flowing freely, which can stop it from freezing and bursting. Preventative maintenance of your home’s plumbing system can also help you avoid burst pipes.

Frozen pipes often burst. You can minimize the stress and damage of a burst pipe by contacting a plumber immediately after noticing your plumbing lines are frozen.

In some cases, you may be able to minimize damages by warming up your pipes and preventing them from ever bursting.

Burst Pipe? Contact a Restoration Professional Today!

Your plumbing is an essential part of your home. The steps you take after a pipe bursts can impact how much you pay in repair costs and what items you’re able to keep.

Nashville, Tennessee, homeowners should consider contacting Flood Kings Water Restoration at the first signs of a frozen or burst pipe.

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